Bigg Boss 14 Grand Premiere 3rd October 2020 All Video Episode

Bigg Boss 14 Grand Premiere 3rd October 2020 All Video Episode


Is an enthusiastic Indian reality television programme which is production of Endomel Shine by Colors TV.  Until now this show have been telecasted in different seven languages within the Indian subcontinent. The show has been produced in 7 different languages. On the initial stage of timeline the show was broadcasted in the Urdu / Hindi language later on it was also made in different languages. Anybody participating to this show in known as a housemate, live in a specially build and isolated house rest of the world. On the country level every housemate is announced to get maximum of public attraction in order to achieve maximum of votes to be the winner of the BIGG BOSS show. Actually each housemate request the country public to be the or try to be the team to get votes for their priority in order to be the winner of the whole game. This show is commonly held on the public attribute to know their feelings and thoughts. Each housemate is asked to collect maximum of public vote to win upto a short interval of the given time, unfortunately who unable to collect the maximum number of votes is entered in to the eviction list and is asked to leave the house forever. This task is actually happens on each week. In the given duration of timeline every housemate is ordered to given the tasks to complete that within given time line. Within the house each housemate is given a task to finish that task with in the given interval to make a differentiation from the rest of the BIGG BOSS show members or from the housemates. On the finishing timeline point the remaining person is announced as a winner and is awarded with a considerable amount and gifts. Before that every housemate have to complete the given task like in every game like to beat, defeat the opponents in order be the top most winner of the show to keep the feminist level constant. First of all the BIGG BOSS show was invented by John De Mol Jr. in Netherland. By the gravity scale of popularity the show has extended its production scale in south India in Tamil and Telugu versions Mahesh Manjrekar & in Malayalam as a BIGG BOSS with Indian star and Mohanlaal as a Host.

One of its seasons which was named BIGG BOSS HALLA BOL was the eighth season of the Indian reality television series. Its invention is done by the Big Brother. In this season in which 5 champions left behind in the timeline a spin off was introduced to be the winner on 4 January. It was merged into the regular series and continued in that same house. Almost five housemates were added from the previous season to make the show up to the final stage with those five housemates. During that point of inflection Farah khan was appointed as a new host of the BIGG BOSS Show. This show was broadcast originally  from the India but later on it was also in Pakistan on ARY Digital TV Channel on 28 September as an additionally it was also telecasted in United Kingdom on Colors UK on 21st of September.

The house for the show and housemates was chosen in the Lonavala. It was not more than a air craft whose shape was related to the air craft. After the first week on eviction the physically state of the rest house was changed to Alpine chalet with lots of wood, fur and leather furnishings.

On the launch of the show the finalized night it is revealed that there was a place to adjacent to the plane crash area known as a secret society. Later on it is announced that they may have been the the power to nominate the housemates of their choice to face the ever 1st public vote and may have the immunity from the nomination. With the growing time line of the show duration the secret society reveales itself that the viewrs as per BIGG BOSS orders and introduced themselves.


Application Channel For The Show

One of the most powerful platforms which is going to arrange the necessary activities because it is the time to broadcast its 14th season for 2020. Luckily by the help of this article no one will be got confused that that how and where to apply for the show audition. This show is broadcasted on every year to reveal the facts about the real lives of the housemates on this planet under the same roof about three months or round about it. This show is telecasted from that roof where all the contestants live like a housemates apart from the whole world up to the end of three months or up to the winning stage of the show in order to get the award as a result of their continuous hardworking and strong aiming mission. During the production stages of the show every housemate is asked not to meet the irrelevant or not the authorized person to spend a lot of time with them. They are advised to meet with their relatives or the related person only in case of home emergency or a medical emergency.


BIGG BOSS is going to held an auditions for the housemates this is a golden opportunity to participate in the auditions to become a millionaire with a famous life style. This opportunity is not less than that hen that provides golden eggs.

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